About Us

In 2003 the Flemish Wrestling Force was founded.about us foto 1

It was the first wrestling promotion in Belgium since the ’70’s.

What Started out as some friends trying to bring pro-wrestling back to the Belgian people, quickly grew into what it is today.

The Premier Wrestling Promotion in Belgium.

For the last 10 plus year, FWF has been promoting shows all over Belgium, and we’ve been the breeding ground for the top Belgian wrestling talents.  a lot of whom are now active here and abroad.

benne 9 m. + catch Jezus-Eik 027 

In all those years we’ve welcomed lots of international superstars in our ring, like Bushwacker Luke, The Honky Tonk Man, Joe Legend, Omen, Doug Williams, Kishin Kawabata, Tommy End …

But we’re not done yet.  Like They Say …

” The Best Is Yet To Come “

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