FWF World Champion : Timm Wylie

04/06/2022 Timm Wylie defeats LJ Cleary to retain the FWF World championship

05/02/2022 Timm Wylie defeats Phil Boyd to become the NEW FWF World champion

FWF Womens Champion : Debbie Keitel

28/01/2023 Debbie Keitel defeats Katey Harvey to become the NEW FWF Womens champion

FWF Tag Team Champions : The Praetorians

28/01/2023 The Praetorians defeat PB&J to retain the FWF Tag Team championship

27/01/2023 The Praetorians defeat Jungle Jill & Anita Vaughan (who was substituting for Session Moth Martina) to become then NEW FWF Tag Team champions

FWF Flemish champion : Tibo Hendrik

28/01/2023 Tibo Hendrik defeats O.Nathan to become the NEW FWF Flemish champion